desktop wallpaper // august

August 03, 2016

(1920 x 1280)

My picture for August was taken in Lyon, France. I had the pleasure to work in this city for a few weeks some years ago. Since then I have constantly returned to Lyon, because I love this city and it's vibes so much. This picture, with the streets still in the dark while the roofs of the old french houses shining already golden in the morning sun perfectly sums up, what Lyon looked like on my way to work.

You can download this picture here: click or on my Flickr: click

Have a warm, golden and happy August 

analogue friday - summer vibes

July 22, 2016

Long time no analogue friday! But now I finally managed to get another roll developed! Come with me and get some summer vibes!

saying goodbye to Norderney... always a bit sad...

But then... Berlin... ♥

summer evenings ...

A relaxed friday afternoon walk with Esther - her blog has been on my reading list since the beginning! It's great! If you want, hop over to her via:

The following picture was not taken by me but by my camera. The strap on which she was hanging around my neck snapped and with a bang - that hurts the ears of everyone, who loves cameras - it bounced on the paving! And took this picture!

I didn't know if everything was alright - the exterior had some scratches but nothing serious. So I kept on photographing with her. And since the next picture was also the next on the roll, I think she's fine ;)

The same thing happened yesterday again with my Mamiya C330 (I'll never trust analogue camera straps again!)... I hope she's fine, but the roll is not yet full and developed. I'll keep you posted...

Fleamarket: selling some of my pictures :)

And, yes, this is Berlin, too:

My favourite of the roll - I bet it confuses you, too, ... ;) :

// all pictures taken with a RevueFlex SD I, 50mm 1.9, on a Kodak Gold 200 //


July 03, 2016

As you all know, Berlin was divided until the wall came down in 1989. And to celebrate the fall of the wall, the city got thousands of cherry trees as a gift by the Japanese people. These cherry trees were planted along the former Berlin wall strip. And what was once a place of guns, barbed wire and shooting orders, it is now a peaceful alley where people walk leisurely, picnic under the trees, hold hands. A sign of hope in this troubled world.

And in one of these alleys I photographed Luise and these are the pictures I show you today.